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Milk, Wellcome Collection

Exhibition Design

2021 - 2023

West Port won the bid to design the ‘Milk Exhibition at the Wellcome Collection along with the talented team at Beam Lighting. The exhibition explores the interconnected scientific, cultural, political and economic forces that have helped establish milk’s reputation as “nature’s perfect food”. Working closely with the curators to understand the complex narrative in depth, we developed a concept which was able to support the diverse variety of objects and stories and prioritise sustainable use of materials.

The subject of Milk holds different meanings and memories for different people - in order to avoid prescribing a specific contextual narrative, we focused our concept on the designed vessels which have been used over history and across continents to hold the substance of Milk. We recognised the often unexplored duality between the organic vessel of the body and the engineered vessel of product packaging. This provided an exciting point from which we could carve out and form the space to create a flow through the space.

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