Melbourne Street


On a constrained and difficult site, West Port have designed a co-living and co-working building that is heavily influenced by the commercial nature and history of the Melbourne Street and Lewes Road area. The railway viaduct (now demolished) and the cemetery dominated the local landscape and shaped the streets that we see today. Lewes Road in particular has been defined by industry, commerce and manufacturing, and continues to do so.

The proposed scheme acts as a marker of the progression of industry in the city with the integration of multiple uses while outwardly celebrating its past. The city is enriched with beautiful forms and one that particularly stands out, especially knowing the history of the site, are the arches that dot the city. Arches are expressed in the Victorian viaducts (existing and demolished) that criss-cross the city to its seafront, cemeteries, and modernist buildings. This feature is an integral part of the building’s design. The project received planning approval in July 2020.

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