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Holiday Cheer

9 December 2021 at 00:00:00

Last week we all went down to The Black Dog restaurant in Vauxhall (Basia’s old local) for our Christmas dinner. It was wonderful to have the whole team there to celebrate the year and thank everyone for their contributions to making the practice what it is today.

We started 2021 as 3, and given the tests of 2020, really didn’t know how this year would pan out. Today, we are 8 strong and working with great clients on incredible projects and collaborations across the UK. All this is testament to the amazing individuals that have joined our studio and the clients that have trusted us and stuck by us these last 12 months.

The dinner was our last time together this year as we have now reverted to working from home. We are all going to miss the buzz and frenzy of the office but it’s important we do what we can to slow down the spread of the virus.

We look forward to being back in 2022 and FYI, definitely go get your fill of The Black Dog’s menu when you can! Stay safe!

Left to right: Oliver, Sophie, Shaun, Khalifa, Kathleen, Manny, Laura (+Emmy) and Basia.


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