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RIAS Quarterly Issue 50 - Made in Scotland

21 October 2022 at 11:00:00

West Port were invited to contribute to Issue 50 of the RIAS Magazine to discuss and celebrate our learnings from Scotland and how the founders' educational grounding at The University of Edinburgh influences the studio we are today. From the studio’s name to the ethos of our practice, West Port owes much to the diverse setting of Scotland, its rich heritage and beautiful landscapes.

“Since leaving, we have looked to grow our seeds of understanding from our time in Scotland into an approach to design and practice that prioritises inclusivity and champions diversity. Our lived experiences, alongside those of our fellow colleagues, have led to a studio wide desire to purposefully engage with the intersectional complexities of metropolitan living.” - Shaun Ihejetoh

To read more about how our practice has been shaped by our background, follow the link bellow to find our article on pages 19-21 or head to the RIAS website to order in print.


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