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Ploughmans Close


2020 - 2022

West Port worked closely with the homeowners on renovating and extending their 1980s property in Camden. This involved the creation of a larger living space to the rear of the house within the new extension. The extension is finished with an intensive green roof.

Designed to work with the existing exterior and context, the design aimed to be more than your standard home extension. Instead it has a kinked footprint orientated to take advantages of views out into the garden. Window and door frames are finished in bright green. The green roof was critical to the design, ensuring that any green area lost in the garden due to the extension was replaced. This is a simple, yet effective, design choice we are keen to encourage in more domestic projects to help urban greening in whatever small a way possible.

This project demonstrates the inherent potential of London's housing stock, away from the traditional Victorian and Edwardian properties, and the added value of a design-led, architect supported, approach to small residential projects.

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