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Bracken Hide Hotel

Boutique Hotel and Spa

2017 - 2023

"It’s hard to think of a more striking building north of Holyrood" Jeremy Lazel - Time Travel

West Port have designed a new 50+ capacity boutique hotel in Portree, Isle of Skye. The Hub building, showcased here, is the central aspect of the wider development. Set within a 52 acre site on the edge of the town of Portree, the project consists of a 400-sqm Hub Building, with 27 accommodation cabins set within the undulating landscape. This complex and challenging project was made all the more difficult to manage due to its remoteness and difficulty in obtaining labour and supplies to the distant site.

Working with a skilled team of local engineers and designers, we designed and developed the hotel, which opened in Easter 2023. The overall concept of the building (with a dry stone wall and curved roof) is about blades cutting into the landscape and framing the beautiful views. The look and feel of the interior space is a contemporary interpretation of traditional Scottish bothys. Its material palette is rich, wild and raw.

This project was a major undertaking that spanned over 5 years. Now open, it is a showcase of Scottish engineering, materiality and ingenuity, with several new techniques and processes having been tested by a forward- thinking and innovative client. This project is very special to us, especially with our Scottish connections.

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