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The Stars are Bright

Exhibition Design


Over the summer of 2020 West Port created the 3D design of the Stars are Bright exhibition space in London. The temporary exhibition was a showcase of drawings by over forty young Zimbabwean artists who attended Cyrene, a first of its kind mission school founded in 1940. The school was located amidst varied and colourful natural surroundings which inspired the visual imagination of the students. Organised by The Belvedere Trust and in conjunction with the Theatre Courtyard Gallery, the collection of work displayed had not been seen for over 70 years. The pieces showed the amazing young talent in the country at the time, some of whom became recognised artists in their adult years.
The Stars are Bright was open July - October 2020 and the exhibition is in the process of being prepared to tour the UK before the pieces of art are repatriated to Zimbabwe.

The exhibition was delivered at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The movement of people around the exhibition was specifically designed by West Port to keep people at a safe distance between one another. Great care was taken in collaboration with the Health and Safety official, graphic designer and the curators to ensure that a suitable one-way system of way-finding and movement was in place. This involved the design of floor vinyl that both delineated 1m gaps and served as informative pieces (with historical facts and notes about the exhibition) for visitors walking around the space.

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