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Tea & Cake

October 7, 2021

If you are ever in the Maida Hill area of London (goodness knows why you wouldn't be), and fancy a free architectural consultation, our studio is always ready to welcome you! We are available for a chat over tea and cake. Our small but growing office is currently working on a variety of projects, from bespoke cabins, home extensions and refurbishments to large-scale, council-led mixed use schemes. No matter your brief at the heart of our design approach is our focus on people and placemaking.

When we set up the studio in 2016, we dived right into the deep end working hard to find our feet and stay afloat. Despite the emotional and financial journey of starting up we have never looked back. We are ever thankful to today be a tight-knit practice of nine. For us architecture is about building strong relationships and putting collaboration ahead of egos while celebrating and channelling our team member's individual quirks and talents to deliver thoughtfully crafted schemes for our clients.


Follow us on Instagram @westportarchitects to stay updated on our latest developments and life within the studio.

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