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Winners! V&A Africa Fashion

July 7, 2021

We are pleased to announce that we have been selected by the Victoria & Albert Museum to be the exhibition designers for the Africa Fashion exhibition. The show is set to open at their main venue in South Kensington in the summer of 2022. Spread across two floors in the V&A's Fashion Gallery, the themes are Independence & Liberation and Contemporary Creatives.

The brief is a complex one. How do you represent Africa, a rich and diverse continent of 50+ countries, too often stereotyped and ring-fenced into a singular narrative by those from outwith its borders. For these very reasons we believe this exhibition is to be a uniquely important one. In light of the V&A’s unprecedented international draw and influence, an opportunity like this is a rare and precious moment to shift preconceived notions of Africa as the single-dimensioned ‘country ’. In this exhibition we look to support the V&A in its recognition of Africa’s multidimensional creative clout. A creative energy that in the face of much adversity, social and economic challenges, reaches far beyond its borders adding life to styles and style to life across 7 continents.

Working with POCC studio and Beam Lighting, we are honoured to be involved in what is set to be an important showcase of an incredible continent and a blockbuster exhibition at one the world's preeminent art and design museums. Can't wait to get started!


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